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Rajat Nayar ji is a well known Celebrity International Vastu Consultant. 99% of the Bollywood, Stars, Cricketers, Filmstars, Actors, Actresses, Singers prefer to Invite Rajat ji for Vaastu consultations in their Bungalows, Mansions, Flats, Houses or Farm houses.

Mr Rajat Nayar Is a World Renowned, World Famous (Internationally Famous) , New Delhi Based ( Vaishali , NCR NEW DELHI , INDIA ) Mumbai ‘s Most Famous , Favourite , Demanding & Highly Successful b Celebrity Astrologer, Palmist, Numerologist ,Gemologist, Graphologist , Stock Market Analyst, Fortunologist, Nameologist, Clairvoyant, Signature Specialist, Palm Reader, Astronumerologist, Feng Shui Specialist, Gemstone Consultant, Handwriting Expert as well as a Vastu Shaastra Consultant . He Has His Clients not only from India but also all over the World across the Globe.

Mr Rajat Nayar is a World Famous Personal Celebrity Astrologer , Numerologist , Gemstones Consultant & Vaastu Shastra Consultant Of Most of the Actors , Actresses , Film Stars , Directors , Models , Musicians & Producers of Bollywood Mumbai , Lollywood, Tollywood , Indian Television Industry as well as Hollywood .

Most of the Bollywood , Film Industry & Hollywood Stars, Actors , Actresses , Sportsmen , Cricketers , Businessmen , Industrialists Consult Rajat Nayar ji before INVESTING THEIR MONEY IN SHARE MARKET , REAL ESTATE AS WELL AS COMMODITY MARKET.

Mr Rajat Nayar is always being Invited Personally by Most of the Bollywood Stars , Actors , Actresses , Directors , Sports Personalities , Cine Stars , Singers , Models , Cricketers , Politicians , Atheletes , TV Stars For Vaastu Visit of their House , Flat , Bungalow, Showrooms , Hotels , Home , Farm House , Studio etc…

Whenever Film Stars , TV Stars have to Purchase any Property Either for Personal or Commercial Use , in Mumbai , New Delhi , Pune , Bangalore ,Noida, Chandigarh etc…. they Prefer to take Prior Consultation from Rajat ji , that whether the Building is according to the Proper Vaastu Principles.

He is in Very High Demand By the Bollywood , Lollywood , Tollywood , Indian Television Industry as well as Hollywood as most of the Actors , Actresses , Musicians , Directors & Producers Love to Consult him before the Release & Launch of their Movies regarding the Spellings of the name of the Movie , Film , Muhurath for the Release of the Movie , Colours to be used Maximum for good promotion of their Movie or Films.

The Birth Data records & Personal Meetings of the Film Stars, Actors , Actresses , Budding Stars , Musicians, Directors, Cricketers is strictly Confidential & In no case, it is leaked out to anybody else.

Rajat ji’s Strength is Hardcore and so Vibrant in his respective field that he has had a wide experience having capability to manage and solve any problems related to his profession.

Tirupati Balaji Temple (Vyankateshwar Temple) at Tirumala hills, Andhra Pradesh is Probably the Richest Temple in India Because of its so Good Vaastu.

Vaastu Shastra in both an Art and a Science and its purpose is to make Human Habitation not only a thing of Beauty and Strength but also a provider of Peace, Happiness and Affluence to the Inhabitants in the long run.

A house built on a particular plot has direct Corelation with the Electromagnetic Forces and the Gravitational Fields of Earth.

He is actively engaged in Lecturing and Conducting Workshops on Vastu.

Because of Vaastu Defects, Construction work remain Incomplete or many Legal Problems arise during Construction. People start facing Financial, Mental and Physical problems just after they Start living in a new House or Flat.

There are many Multi storeyed Buildings, which have been constructed and nobody is ready to purchase Flats or Shops in them.

There are Examples of People who had humble beginnings, got success rapidly, Increased their Business Manifold, became Rich and Lived a Happy and Prosperous life.

Common people have illusion that it is very costly to construct home or office as per Vaastu and its waste of space also. But it is completely wrong. Infact, it is very economical to construct home as per Vaastu and no space is wasted. A small House or Factory or Shop constructed as per Vaastu principles looks big and spacious.

It is generally observed that due to small Vaastu defects many construction works remain incomplete or go through various problems during the course of construction.

Suppose you are living in a Vaastu defect house, he has laid emphasis on the remedies that can be carried out without demolishing or altering the building yet they are fully capable of offsetting Vaastu defects.

Vaastu is the science of harmony, the science that brings harmony among the Five basic elements in existence in the universe.

If we see that our dwelling house and working place are according to Vaasthu Shastra, we are assured of getting every Fortune and Material Benefit.

His Map Analysis includes Conceptualization of Map, Interior Planning , Colour Schemes etc.







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