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Numerologist in Bangalore

Numerologist in Bangalore
Numerologist in Bangalore Numerologist in Bangalore

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Numerologist in Bangalore




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Numerologist in Bangalore


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Numerology and Nameology have been bestowed on us to resolve the Problems of an Individual .

Mr Rajat Nayar Is a World Renowned, World Famous (Internationally Famous), New Delhi Based (Vaishali, NCR NEW DELHI, INDIA) Mumbai�s Most Famous, Favourite, Demanding & Highly Successful Bollywood Astrologer, Palmist, Numerologist, Gemologist, Graphologist, Stock Market Analyst, Fortunologist, Nameologist, Clairvoyant, Signature Specialist, Palm Reader, Astronumerologist, Feng Shui Specialist, Gemstone Consultant, Handwriting Expert as well as a Vastu Shastra Consultant . He Has His Clients not only from India but also all over the World across the Globe.

Mr Rajat Nayar is a World Famous Personal Celebrity Astrologer ,
Numerologist , Gem Stone Consultant & Vaastu Shastra Consultant Of Most of the Actors , Actresses , Film Stars , Directors , Models , Musicians & Producers of Bollywood Mumbai , Lollywood, Tollywood , Indian Television Industry as well as Hollywood .

Most of the Bollywood , Film Industry & Hollywood Stars, Actors , Actresses , Sportsmen , Cricketers , Businessmen , Industrialists Consult Rajat Nayar ji before INVESTING THEIR MONEY IN SHARE MARKET , REAL ESTATE AS WELL AS COMMODITY MARKET.

Mr Rajat Nayar is always being Invited Personally by Most of the Bollywood Stars , Actors , Actresses , Directors , Sports Personalities , Cine Stars , Singers , Models , Cricketers , Politicians , Atheletes , TV Stars For Vaastu Visit of their House , Flat , Bungalow, Showrooms , Hotels , Home , Farm House , Studio etc�

Whenever Film Stars , TV Stars have to Purchase any Property Either for Personal or Commercial Use , in Mumbai , UK , USA , New Delhi , Pune , Ludhiana, Bangalore , Chandigarh etc�. they Prefer to take Prior Consultation from Rajat ji , that whether the Building is according to the Proper Vastu Principles.

Life is not a Bed of Roses, it is a Path full of Thorns. Life has a number of Problems to Face. Such Problems can be resolved with the help of Intelligence. Numerology indicates the various ways in which Problems of life can be resolved. It is a Science of Rare Powers.

Every Letter has a Sound and therefore a Name emits Sound Vibrations.
Jyotish is a Knowledge to use Divine Light that removes Ignorance.

All the Beneficiaries considered this Science as an Excellent tool for awakening the Masses and lead them to Success with a Slight Alteration in the Spellings of their Names.

Numerology can be used to Uplift People from Poverty to Prosperity. Sometimes we see even a Multinational Company�s Products with attractive Brand Names becoming a Failure, Despite spending several Crores for Advertisements to Popularize their Brand Names, their Products fail to Catch the Fancy of Customers. If the Brand Name is not good according to Numerology, it will affect the Sales to a very Large Extent. Even Demand for a Good Product diminishes if the Product bears an Improper Name. The main reason for Such Failure is the Power of Astrology and Numerology which People are not aware of Nowadays .

Highly Beneficial Results can be achieved by a Slight Correction of Name. Several Incurable Diseases can be Cured through the Science of Astrology , Numerology & Vaastu .

Change of Names Produce Definite and Speedy Recovery from Ailments.

If one wants to Succeed in Business and Earn great Wealth, Fame and Position, a Lucky Name for the Business is to be Devised.

Beneficial Name Number makes the Business Flourish . Malefic Forces in the Name Number makes the Business Sick and a Failure. When such a Sick Business is given a New Name, the Business will Flourish like the other�s Business. The Malefic Factors are to be, Identified and a Lucky Name is to be devised for any Unsuccessful Business Venture.

Whatever is the Nature of the Business that one takes up, a Lucky Name is Necessary.

Whatever be the Size of the Business, it is necessary that the Name and the Style is designed according to the Principles of Numerology and Nameology.

Life will become more successful to those in Government or Private Service when they Change their Names to a Lucky Name.

There exists many systems of Numbering the Alphabets like the Unit System, Phonetic System, Hebrew Kabala System, Pythogoran System and the Chaldean System.

Thousands of Childless Couples have been blessed by this Science.

People who are unaware of Numerology do not know how much the Dates of their Wedding Affect their Married Lives.

Blind are those who are Ignorant of Numbers and Headless are those who are Ignorant of Letters.

Numerology is a Divine Science that goes beyond the Boundaries of Caste, Creed, Language, Religion and Nationality.

As we cannot change the Date of Birth , we Add or Subtract Alphabets from the Name to Match the Vibrations of Birth Date so that all Positive Things Should happen in life.








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Numerologist in Bangalore


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Numerologist in Bangalore


Numerologist in Bangalore


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Numerologist in Bangalore
Numerologist in Bangalore
Numerologist in Bangalore
Numerologist in Bangalore
Numerologist in Bangalore
Numerologist in Bangalore
Numerologist in Bangalore
Numerologist in Bangalore
Numerologist in Bangalore
Numerologist in Bangalore
Numerologist in Bangalore
Numerologist in Bangalore
Numerologist in Bangalore
Numerologist in Bangalore
Numerologist in Bangalore
Numerologist in Bangalore

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Numerologist in Bangalore

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Numerologist in Bangalore
Numerologist in Bangalore Numerologist in Bangalore Numerologist in Bangalore Numerologist in Bangalore Numerologist in Bangalore Numerologist in Bangalore Numerologist in Bangalore Numerologist in Bangalore Numerologist in Bangalore Numerologist in Bangalore Numerologist in Bangalore Numerologist in Bangalore Numerologist in Bangalore Numerologist in Bangalore Numerologist in Bangalore Numerologist in Bangalore Numerologist in Bangalore Numerologist in Bangalore v Numerologist in Bangalore